History of Trucks

  • The Port of Portland is creating a timeline as part of their 50 year anniversary, and have asked for help identifying the make of the tractor being used by the Convoy Company to deliver VW Beetles that had been delivered to the Port.

    It's not a Freightliner, if anyone can identify this unusual looking tractor. :/

    Es ist kein Freightliner, kann jemand diesen ungewöhnlich aussehenden Traktor identifizieren. ;)

    THe timeline indicates the picture dates from 1953. :thumbup:


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    Das ist ein eigenständig umgebauter Ford Truck der 50er Jahre

    Convoy company, Portland, OREGON

  • Wird es also so nicht mehr gegeben haben ausser bei dieser Firma in Portland...

    Technisch basierend auf den 50er Jahre Ford Truck F8

    Optisch aber null komma null mit F8 ident

    Richtig Maxl....:thumbup::thumbup::thumbup:Convoy Co. of Portland, Oregon built their own car-hauling rigs using 1952 Ford F8 chassis.

    The truck was not manufactured that way, it was built specially for hauling autos. Auto transport companies modified trucks so they could get the maximum amount of space for the vehicles they hauled. Possibly a Ford cab?

    Unbenannt x1.JPG

    Unbenannt x2.JPG